Eddie retired in 1999 and spent the next year writing his plan to help young players coming up in the game. Education and leadership has always been the backbone of success and once he understood its importance within sports and business, he has made it his mission to make sure young people start off on a solid foundation towards success. In 2000, he started his company JJJ Sports which is directed at helping young people become well rounded in sports and life. JJJ Sports focuses on camps, clinics, instructional videos, books and motivational speaking. This is all centered on creating a well-rounded athlete and businessman or businesswoman.

In addition, Eddie has:

  • Conducted basketball camps all over the world with his shooting clinics receiving tremendous reviews.
  • Implemented an instructional video, “jumpshot club” which is a ninety minute educational tool for basketball players wanting to improve their offensive skills and shooting ability. The video includes some of Eddie’s most spectacular NBA highlights.
  • Written many articles for USA Today and is a popular lead writer for Hoops Hype.com
  • Written his first book that is designed to create a blueprint for the potential athlete to have success on and off the playing surface.
  • Traveled throughout the country delivering motivational speeches to athletes and businessman. His goal is to share the tools he used to reach his goals and achieve success.