You Big Dummy!



           'You Big Dummy!' is a combination of guidelines, stories and opinions from an average NBA player who played for 17 seasons. The book lays the groundwork for improving athletic and leadership abilities and targets financial and personal conduct issues. The stories and references are universal, designed to reach an athlete or fan regardless of his or her sport.


What People Are Saying

"He was a skilled craftsman, astute to detail and preparation. His work ethic came in two pieces- he worked hard to be in shape and he had to learn to move because he was not the best ball handler. He was really passionate. He was in the gym the next morning if he missed a shot he knew he should have made. And he hated to lose, but found small victories even in a loss"
- Tyrone Corbin - Utah Jazz head coach


"I've known Eddie since 1981 and the one thing i can say about him is he is very consistent in terms of his life and career. He is dedicated to what he does. His basketball career was the same way in his approach. You have to remember Eddie was a second round draft pick and he played 17 years in the league, and we're talking about a good 17 years. He's been disciplined over the years with his approach to his family and his everyday life. That's why he's been successful."
- Mike Woodson- New York Knicks Head Coach


"I know how much he wants to help young people, not just as players but as people growing up. There is so much to be gained from his wisdom. He's been exposed to every facet in sports. He is a terrific teacher and epitomizes class."
- Mark Bartlestein, Sports Agent


"Most young people think the older folks don't know what they are talking about. But the reality is that's where they are headed. Life is all about transition, from one level to the next, whether it's about age, career or maturity. What Eddie is conveying to young athletes is the game is still the same, although the money may have changed and some things you may be dealing with today may be magnified 10, 20, times more than what we had to deal within his time. But his message is one of wisdom and understanding and also connectivity."
- Emmitt Smith, Hall of Fame football player


"People talk about Reggie Miller and other clutch shooters but Eddie was a clutch shooter, right there. He wanted the ball when the game was on the line. He took big shots but he made big shots. You don't have the success Eddie had if you don't work hard, have passion for the game. He hated to lose. Talk about leadership. You didn't want to see him or be around him if you lost. He wore it on his shoulders. As a young guy , it was almost like you let him down."
- Nate McMillan - NBA coach


        This following is meant to identify the athletes that have made dumb mistakes on and off the playing surface. This Page is not meant to embarrass anyone more than it is to teach the importance of valuing a career that is vulnerable and fragile. I encourage athletes, parents and coaches to read my book to learn how important it is to the development of athletes and young people in general. 


Tony Farmer

Tony Farmer a tremendous young high school player from Cleveland, Ohio who got pulled into the abyss some athletes venture too. He figured fame and glory would protect him even when he decided to punch and kick his 18 year old girlfriend in full view of a security camera. Even after he was arrested he sent threatening messages to the young lady wishing he had inflicted more pain according to the judge who sentenced him to three years in prison.


Josh Brent 

Josh Brent a promising Dallas Cowboy football player made a fatal mistake on Dec 8th 2012. He decided to drive after consuming alcohol with his best friend in the passenger seat. (video) The decision has turned out to be the worst nightmare Brent could have imagined. He crashed and Killed his Cowboy teammate and best friend Jerry Brown whom he also played with at my Alma Mater- The University of Illinois. He made the dumbest decision of his life when he bypassed the opportunity to use the car service the Cowboys Organization provides for all of its players. 


Aaron Hernandez

New England Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez was charged with Homicide in June of 2013 and it has shocked everyone at the supposed execution of a defenseless young man (Odin Lloyd) at the hands of a football star who had just signed an 18 million dollar contract and was set for life.


Does the NFL have an image problem?

The NFL is the most popular sport in the USA and it does not take long to understand why. It is as close to a gladiator sport as we can get and unfortunately if not monitored well those same aggressive attitudes we expect and cheer for every Sunday will venture into society and that's why our young people need to read books like mine. 


Athletes Behaving Badly

Insight into Athletes getting in trouble with the law. Why does so many Athletes feel they are above the law? Hall of Fame head coach Lou Holtz talks about why.

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