What's On My Mind Podcast


The What's On My Mind podcast with Eddie Johnson  is newsy, fun and opinionated to say the least.  Eddie reports on news  occurrences involving sports that happened the prior week in his what's on my mind segment.  He has the “Big Dummy of the week” segment  in which he breaks down the individual or situation that includes a panel discussion. He also will relive great moments with athletes of the past in his “Back In The Day” segment that includes a  5 question interview in which he will ask them some hard personal questions that will make them cringe. New episodes are available every week.


January 19th

Guests: Kwamie Lassiter, Rhys Lloyd and Kevin Willis



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December 29th

Guests: Herbert Bias Jr., Justin Termine and Reggie Theus




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November 24th

Guests: Amin Elhassan, Lasalle Thompson and Jim Jackson




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November 15th

Guests: Mugsy Bogues, Derek Harper and Paul Coro




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