Basketball skill and fundamentals clinics

The Eddie Johnson's Jumpshot Club Shooting Clinics in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area are one or two day customizable programs geared toward refocusing our youth (aged 11-18) on the most important part of basketball "The Jumpshot." This will give them the correct platform to become fundamentally sound offensive players that will enable them to thrive in any system.

Clinics have been developed to aid young players in accomplishing five goals:

  1. Teach them proper shooting techniques and drills that will eventually make their Jumpshot devastating.
  2. Show them how to utilize the skills of their teammates and be productive in any offense.
  3. Give them my secrets to taking advantage of the mental aspects of the game that will make them a consistent scorer.
  4. Give them a blueprint to analyze their performance so they can make adjustments during practice and games.
  5. Teach them the discipline needed to reach the highest levels of competitive play.

Eddie will discuss everything from basketball, school work, attitude, peer pressure, and how to prepare yourself for your career choice. Participants will also be able to purchase DVD’s at a discounted rate.


Typical Curriculum (3hours)

  • Intro: Welcome
  • Warm-up techniques
  • Ball Handling – Passing
  • Defense
  • Post Moves
  • Rebounding
  • Shooting Mechanics
  • Off The Dribble
  • Spot up Shooting
  • Off Screens
  • 3pt Shooting
  • Free Throws
  • Question & Answer Session

Pricing and Responsibilities

Clients are responsible for providing the gym, insurance and participants (with a 20 participant minimum).

$65 per participant in the Phoenix Metro Area
$75 per participant outside the Phoenix Metro Area
$110 per participant on the West Coast*
$150 per participant on the East Coast*


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