Eddie's Biography 


       During our lives, we face challenges that sometimes seem overwhelming. It is not always easy to overcome the obstacles that challenge each of us on a daily basis, but through hard work and dedication to achieving personal goals, we can find the success we are striving for.

       Eddie Johnson is the epitome of someone who has worked hard and dedicated his life to succeeding… no matter what the obstacle or challenge in front of him.

       Growing up in a tough neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois, surrounded by drugs, gangs and violence, Eddie was faced with many challenges on a daily basis. He was the sixth child of seven and was raised by a determined single mother. It didn't take long before Eddie realized that he could stay out of trouble by focusing on school and basketball. With vision, a strong desire and unending support from his mother and siblings, Eddie finished high school. Through hard work, dedication and the desire to make a better life for his family, he was awarded with a full athletic scholarship to the University of Illinois.

       Eddie received a BA in History in 1981… making him the first in the Johnson family to complete a college education. In that same year, Eddie realized one of his life-long dreams when the Kansas City Kings drafted him as their #29 pick. Although he was not drafted highly, Eddie worked tirelessly to improve his game. He culminated his seventeen-year career by becoming one of the most prolific scorers and greatest pure jump shooters to ever have played the game. His hard work ethic and strong leadership abilities have taken him to success off the court as well. As a color analyst with the Phoenix Suns, Johnson has established himself as one who brings an honest, knowledgeable and unique style to the networks (NBC, TNT, ESPN and the Big Ten Network.) In addition, he has written many articles for USA Today and HoopsHype.com. Taking those same leadership qualities that he honed on the basketball court, Eddie has crossed over to the business world. He also owns JJJ Sports, a company that is comprised of basketball camps, clinics, instructional videos, books and motivational speaking.

       Eddie Johnson’s successes in life are wonderful examples of what a person can achieve through sheer determination, hard work and support from friends and family. Through his powerful motivational speaking style, Eddie is eager to share his life stories to all those who want to achieve their goals and realize their dreams.